Friday, September 3, 2010

How I Saved Us 75% On Some Family Fun

My husband took some vacation time this week so we could spend some time together before summer was over. On Wednesday we went to the beach at Watch Hill, RI and had as much fun as we could with a 14 month old who hates sand (within the first five minutes she did a face plant into the sand and from there it was all down hill) and a three year old who hates sand stuck to his feet (ummm, what part of going to the beach did he not understand?). We parked on the street (free parking equals very long walk to the beach equals complaining three year old) and beach admission was free so the day cost us nothing except a bit (a lot) of sanity.

(random picture of one of the rooms at the Boston Children's Museum)

Today we went to the Boston Children's Museum. It was so much fun for my three year old son- there was so much for him to do and he was smiling the whole time. My 14 month old daughter had fun but she ended up getting a little overwhelmed and cranky after awhile.

Today's outing to the museum could have cost us $48 which is $12 per person (kids under one are free but I refuse to lie about my child's age to get a discounted price- what kind of lesson does that teach?). That is a lot of money. Our trip would have not been worth $48.

Our trip was worth $12 though!

Our local library offers free passes to various educational places throughout the state to library card holders. We got a free pass that admitted four for only $3 per person- we paid $12 for our admission! If planning this trip were up to my husband we would have paid full price (yikes!). I love my husband, and though he is learning more everyday about being cheap he is still not up to my level of cheapness. I just wonder how many others don't take advantage of this great service that their local library offers?

So why don't you take a look at your local library's website and see what kind of passes they offer? Educational fun for kids is great- getting it cheap is awesome!

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  1. That's so cool about the museum. I'll have to see if our library does something similar.

    We recently had my niece and lots of family visiting from Europe, and my niece did not like our Miami sand at all. She had a blast at the beach on Florida's West Coast, but she definitely did not like our sand, so I can recognize your daughters issues.