Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gap and Old Navy

For my daughter:

Gap Tunic Shirt $5.99 (reg. $14.50)
Gap Cardigan $5.99 (reg. $14.50)
Gap Leggings $7.99 (reg. $14.50)
Old Navy T-Shirt $2.99 (reg. $6.50) for next year
Old Navy Capri Pants $1.99 (reg. $6.50) for next year

For my son:

Gap Long Sleeved Shirt $6.99 (reg. $14.50)
Gap Logo Shirt $6.99 (reg. $14.50)
Gap Logo Shirt $6.99 (reg. $14.50)

For me:

Gap Long Sleeved Shirt $12.99 (reg. $24.50)

Less 20% discount
Less Free Shipping with Gap Silver Credit Card

Total: $47.92
Saved 62%

I can't say no to a 20% off coupon and definitely can't say no to getting cute clothes for my kids for good prices.

My kids are set for the winter as far as clothes go (unless the Gap sends me another coupon...). My daughter turns 18 months in December but her 12-18 month clothes should fit her past then because she only weighs 21 lbs now and she is 15 months old. It is so funny because my son was such a cute little porker and was 21 lbs when he was like six months old.

Things I will need and am on the lookout for are:

snow pants for my son
hat and mittens for my son and daughter
snow boots for my son (and maybe daughter)
winter coat for my daughter

My daughter also needs some rubber soled shoes because her Robeez soft soled ones are not going to cut it for her for too much longer.

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