Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Lunchable $1.25 - .50 Target Coupon
Chef Boyardee .80 - .80 Target Coupon (auto adjusted down from $1.00)
2 Motts Natural Applesauce @ $1.65 each
Papermate Pens .50 - .50 Target Coupon ***free***
2 Bic Pens @ .99 each - $1/2 Target Coupon and $1/2 mc ***free***
2 Play Doh Ice Cream Shop Play Sets @ $8.00 each - (2) $5.00 mc
(2) 4 Pack Play Doh @ $2.19 each - (2) $2.19 instant savings ***free***
3 Dora Band Aids @ $1.87 each - $3/3 mc and .50 Target Coupon
First Aid Bag $4.69 - $4.69 instant savings ***free***
Tech Deck Skateboard $3.19
GI Joe Kite .83 (75% off)

Total: $16.93
I will be submitting for a free Toy Story Book when you buy three Band Aid products. So $2.11 for three boxes of Band Aids, a first aid bag and a Toy Story Book- not too bad of a deal!

The Play Doh Sets ended up being $3.00 each for the set and a 4 pack of Play Doh. My store had tons so I wish that I printed more coupons but oh well, I am happy with what I have. No need to turn into a Play Doh hoarder. These will go into my toy closet along with the GI Joe kite.

The Tech Deck Skateboard is for my son, yes the son who has screaming tantrums. I have devised a system of him receiving "Good Boy Coupons" when he is good and listens to me. Once he has accumulated ten he gets a small prize. I know, I know- kids should listen to their parents without having to be bribed. Save your Super Nanny criticism; this has been working for us so far so I am happy with it.

All of my deal ideas came from Totally Target.


  1. I am all for bribing my child, within reason. LOL! It doesn't matter how you get your child to behave. All that matters is that it works for your family and your child. Go MOM!

  2. Great shopping trip! Can you explain how you got the instant savings on the playdoh ($2.19)?

  3. Hi!

    There is a promo going on this week where if you buy certain Ply Doh Sets you get a free 4 pack of Play Doh for free. The amount for the 4 pack automatically comes off at the register without any cashier intervention. I got this deal from Totally Target which is a blog that I am borderline obsessed with for Target deals.

  4. Great score and I am going to try your listening method. I'll try anything at this point. Thanks for the tip. Wish me luck :-)

  5. Where did you get the $5.00 MC playdoh coupons?

  6. The $5.00 Pay Doh coupon came from a game on their site. More info is here with how to get the coupon

    I'm not sure if it is still available but it doesn't hurt to try!

  7. As long as mom decides the prize, it is not a bribe its simply a reward for good behavior.

  8. Could you tell me how do you print more than two coupons from target?

  9. It does sound better if it is a reward for good behavior. Thanks!

    As far as printing coupons, I have two computers (a desk top and netbook) that I print from and my computer at work. So basically I can print six of any given coupon if it is one that I know I will use.

  10. Great shopping!! It's so much fun to see what others are able to purchase for such a small amount.

    I'm not able to print any Target coupons from either of my computers. I installed/downloaded the "item" it prompted me to install and still nothing. Any suggestions?

  11. Lisa,

    I had problems printing Target coupons on my desk top (Windows 7) when they first switched to the ecentives program. I gave up on it for awhile and just printed form my netbook and work computer. One day I decided to try again and was able to print from my desk top. I know nothing about computers so I just got lucky I guess but I'm sure there is a more technical answer out there. I wish I could help! Maybe if you do a google search something will come up because I'm sure you're not the only one with issues with the coupon printer.

    I do have to say that it is so annoying when there are awesome coupons that everyone else can print but you can't. My husband thinks I am crazy, but these kind of things upset me. What upsets me even more is when he loads the scrap paper into the printer the wrong way and my awesome coupons print on the side that was already printed on. He doesn't get it when I try to tell him how much money he cost me...