Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will It Ever End

I started weaning my daughter from breastfeeding when she turned one which was on June 18th. It is now almost a month later and we are down to the lone pre-bedtime feeding. Not too bad, right? Well, she has been down to this one feeding for three weeks.

Who is the culprit here- who is the one who can't part with the routine that we shared for a year?

She seems like she still enjoys being nursed before bedtime but she is pretty happy go lucky so I don't think she would actually miss it. It's like when I have a bag of Cheetos and I really enjoy eating them but when they are gone I don't really care (what is it with me and the trashy, junky food).

I would have to say that I am the one who is hesitant to give up that last feeding. It's not that I am sentimental about the situation- I did my job and nursed her for a year and now I am done. When we decide to have our third (and final) child I know that weaning will be sad because I will know that it will be my last baby, but with my daughter not so much.

I am scared that if I drop the last feeding that she won't sleep through the night. There, I said it. I enjoy sleeping all night and as late as humanly possible in the morning- which with two young children is not that late. It feels selfish but at the same time how can I be selfish when I nursed her for a year. I put her nutritional needs before my own needs. Not that it was horrible. It was a nice bonding experience, it made me feel like I was doing something special for her and I had large boobs (which are now rapidly deflating).

This week I am going to take the plunge and drop the last feeding so that my daughter will be more independent and so she can learn to soothe herself at bedtime. I will then be more independent and can start drinking copious amounts of wine at dinner (haha, I wish).

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