Friday, July 9, 2010

Stop and Shop- Produce Run

We ran out of fruit mid week yeat again (I don't do my regular grocery shopping until Sunday or Monday) so after our Target trip we walked over to Stop and Shop.

Pint Blueberries $1.25
1 lb Strawberries $2.88
Bananas $1.07 (one is not pictured, already eaten)
Cantaloupe $2.50
Kashi Cereal $3.29
Freeze Dried Fruit $1.00 (son wanted it, I caved in)

Total: $11.89 after .10 in bag credits

I saved $1.95 by using my card. This is why I don't really care about what my percentage of savings is, especially on my grocery shopping trips. I try to buy (somewhat) healthy things which do not always end up with a 90% savings. This is also why I post all of my trips to the store, not just my amazing ones. I think it is good to see that not every trip has to have astronomical deals and double digit savings percentages. It should be about staying within your budget and getting the best possible deals on food that you actually eat.

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