Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mommy Has Had It

This is a picture of what happens when mommy has completely had it.

These bookcases were once packed full of toys and now they are empty. All toys have been moved to the basement along with all books.

Why? Well I have had it with my three year old son's behavior. He pushed me over the edge today to the point where I was so close to hitting him. Instead, I left the room and cried.

He will not be getting any toys or books back until he begins to listen to me when I tell him to do something.

I know that how he acts is all my fault because of all of the toys I buy him for no reason and because I used to give in to his demands because it was easier than dealing with him screaming. Talk about feeling like a crappy mom.

From now on there will be no negotiating in this house. What I (or my husband) say goes and if my son doesn't want to listen he will go to his room (well, I should say that I will attempt to carry him to his room because he weighs 40 lbs and struggles and kicks and screams and I weigh about 100 lbs).

I wish someone told me that the terrible twos were nothing compared to how a three year old acts. As I am typing this my son is running around and smiling as if world war three didn't just happen.

To be a kid again...

(Is it too early to knock back a few wine coolers?)

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