Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a Mom

Being a mom is the most important, but thankless, job a woman can ever have. You are the rock that holds everything together for your family. You are the nurturer, the doctor, the accountant, the chef, the driver, the secretary. You put all you have into your family everyday and maybe if you're lucky you have a little left at the end of the day for yourself. There are no promotions, no glass ceiling to shatter. Your job performance shows through your children and though your relationship with your spouse. When your son learns how to count because you sat with him day after day playing counting games, when your daughter takes her first steps because you played with her on the floor day after day, when your husband tells you that you are a great mom because he sees all that you do. These moments, though to some they seem trivial, are what keeps you going during the trying times and are what bring a smile to your face (or a tear to your eye) when yo think of them.

So when someone you first meet asks you what you do, proudly say "I'm a mom" and know that you have the most important career there is.

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