Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Love the Mail!

I got my last two Sorrento String Cheese Rebates; yeah!

I love getting mail but my mail lady is the laziest person I have seen in a long time. She will spend ten minutes trying to figure out how she can attach a package to my mailbox instead of getting out of her vehicle and walking 15 feet to my door. She shoves things into my mailbox so that I almost need a stick of butter and a crow bar to get them out. She leaves packages out in the pouring rain. She gives mail to the wrong people. One day she was outside beeping her horn because we had a package- are you kidding me? Beeping your horn? Get out of your vehicle and walk your lazy butt to my door or spend 20 minutes and try to figure out how you can attach it to my mailbox with a rubber band.

Lazy, lazy, lazy but I am not going to complain because I don't want my mail to start getting lost.

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