Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Am Swimming In Diapers

I was just looking at the CVS ad for next week at Hot Coupon World and there is another great deal on diapers. Diapers are something that will be needed in my household for a long time considering my daughter is one (I wish she would one of those kids who is potty trained at 18 months but somehow I think no dice) and we are planning on having one more wee one soon (someone take my temperature- what am I thinking?).

Enough babbling, here is the awesome deal. The box of Pampers is $21.99 with $10.00 ECB so $11.99 (I always pay with ECB that I already have on hand). I have CRT that printed for $4.50 off a box of Pampers and I have a $3.00 Pampers coupon from Vocalpoint (if you are not signed up for Vocalpoint sign up now- they send the best coupons!). So after ECB, the CRT and the manufacturer coupon the box of Pampers will be $4.49. A great price for a jumbo pack of diapers, a stellar price for a box of diapers.

I think finding deals on diapers is so much fun- it's the thrill of the chase. I almost choke when I see people just buying diapers without using coupons or paying attention to what is on sale. I don't even know what the non-sale price is for a jumbo pack and I think that I would fashion a diaper out of one of my husband's t-shirts and cover it with a plastic bag before I would pay full price for diapers.

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