Friday, June 4, 2010

Wanted: Good Deal on Soap

We ran out of bar soap, which my husband likes to use. He had a ton of bottles of man body wash (all were free or almost free) that he also uses but for some reason he also likes to use bar soap.

Here is the issue: we have no more bar soap. We ran out and I am not going to buy some until I can find a great deal or until the next time I go to BJs (I am hoping the June coupon book will have a soap coupon in it). Today when I got in the shower I saw that my poor husband was reduced to using a Johnson's Buddies soap bar.

I am proud of him because the old Andy would have whined and whined until I bought some soap and the new Andy is resourceful and used what we had (and we do have a butt load of Johnson's Buddies soap).

So now I just have to buy some grown up soap because I don't want my husband depleting my son's soap stockpile. I really hate running out of stuff- what a pain.

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