Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Finish Line is in Sight...

My daughter is turning one on Friday which means that I will be weaning her from nursing. It makes me a little sad because nursing is relaxing and it is nice bonding time- it also means that she is not a baby anymore. This is her first step to becoming an independent little girl. Before I know it she'll be a teenager saying that I embarrass her and she hates me.

This is bittersweet because I will be able to eat dairy products again. I can't wait to have yogurt and cheese and milk. Ooooh, and pizza with cheese on it (I was getting a little sick of pizza with broccoli and sauce). I am probably going to gain a few pounds the first couple of weeks because I will go a little crazy eating all of the things I haven't been able to have for 8 months. If you told me before I had kids that I would go 8 months without eating dairy products I would have thought that was impossible and crazy. I now realize that it's not a big deal because it was what was best for my daughter (and my son when he was nursing).

So, once the doctor gives the Ok to give her cow milk I am going to pack up the breast pump, milk storage containers, bottles, nursing bras and nursing pads and put them away for the next baby. Hopefully the next one doesn't also have a milk allergy but from what the pediatrician says I shouldn't count on it.

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