Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Spent a Butt Load of Money at BJ's

I spent a lot of money at BJ's but keep in mind that I have about $80 left in my budget for the week because of a bunch of rebate checks I've received recently. I don't need anything from the grocery store so I decided to stock up on some things.

Starbucks Frappuchino 12 pack $13.99- $3.50 BJ's coupon and $1 MQ
Berkley and Jenson Baby Wipes (528) $9.99 (they stink, will not buy again)
13.5 lbs 90% ground beef $30.87
Welch's Grape Juice 2 Pack 64 oz. $6.39- .40 instant rebate and (2) $1 MQ
V-8 V Fusion 2 Pack $5.89- $1 MQ
Poland Spring Sport Top Water $5.59- $5.59 MQ
2 Dozen Eggs $3.49

Total: $62.87

When I got home I repackaged my enormous amount of ground beef with my trusty Food Saver.
(5) 1 lbs packages- these will be to make hamburgers
(10) 10 oz. packages- these will be for recipes
I took the last 2 pounds and made meatballs. My recipe is throw whatever I have into the mix. This time it was eggs, oregano, 4-C Salt Free Bread Crumbs and an envelope of Good Seasonings Salad Dressing Mix. I cooked them on a cookie sheet at 325 degrees until my thermometer said that reached 160 degrees. I let them cool for a bit and put them on a plate in the freezer (not touching). I then transferred the frozen meatballs into freezer bags.

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