Friday, April 16, 2010

How I Save Money- Emailing Companies

Recently I got a huge package of Poland Spring water free at BJ's. How, you may ask? Well I emailed Poland Springs to complain (offer constructive criticism) about the change to the caps of their water bottles. They sent me two coupons for a free product up to $5. I ended up buying the sport top bottles and they have kept me as a customer.
The moral of the story is if you dislike a product or (even better) if you like a product you should email the company and let them know! It will help them to improve their products and they may even send you coupons.
My husband thought I was weird when I told him that I take time out of my day to email companies- until he saw the coupons I have received. I think in his mind people who use coupons and write companies to complain are women in their seventies who have nothing else to do- I hope am showing him that women who do this can be young and hot (well I'm not as young as I was when we met but I still think I'm hot- as hot as I can be driving a minivan with two screaming kids and with spit up and snot all over my shirt)
Some companies that I have written to and received coupons are:
John Morrell
Poland Springs
Peppridge Farms
Kiss Nail Glue
So next time you use a product and you hate it or love- let the company know and you could get some great coupons in the mail (and doesn't it feel great to open an envelope and see a coupon for free water instead of a bill?)

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